i once wrote this, "the ultimate answer for all the debates, fights blah blah blah is i dun't care"Image sounds bad ? ya, the more i involved myself in some, the more i see, the clearer i realize that there's nothing changed after those debates, fights. just that ppl seems to feel lighter, less angry.. or feel proud 'bout themselves (this is my feelings, and i assume that some of others would tooImage) because they can express their ideas, and somehow in their point of view, the others adopted it (in fact, if those others did or not, well...)

u can't change ur ideas until u feel it needed to be change urself..

'bout the MLM mess here, i feel like a messenger. first, some cons gave me the names, their comments, and I got angry 'cause my friend got involved.. and seems to be fooled, however, the point is, she's just on another side..

someday, she called me to give some information that different from what i usually got on the forum, or from others. and when i told that to those others, they gave me back some other information, which clash with my friend's .. and so on

what does that mean ? i really have some comments, but i just feel like to say "i dun't have comments at all". because what i say is doing nothing good but to create more mess. same for others.

just to be frank, part of it is jealous and hatre.. for some other reasons. that's why i dun't want to comment, cause i know it's subjective. if that were another one, then i think i would have no comments for sure, cause i'm not that kind of saints who take much care of other loss.. just because they had some relationship with me that made me to think.

the end for the blog, the point is, sometimes killing ur selfish-ness is hardImage