i saved the above pix to write some words for this blog, after all, wanna say somethingn in the f-cking-ordinary-weekend-nite like this

and then i saw the filename they put "an-may.jpg"

in their original place, they called that pix "humour".

i myself dun't feel funny, just like some comparison between that guy and some dog

however, one of my friends said that pix could be understood as "loyalty" .. after a while, i think she had gud point too . and in fact, i really like her idea..

frankly, when i see that pix, and know some others take it as a humour pix, i feel proud or somethingn like that, just like i'm so clean, so nice not to think like them. just after i read the "loyalty" thing, it caused me to realize something else

it's gud to listen... Image