just re-watched this series, and the feeling is still nice. i watched it long time ago, 9th grade or so, but still like its themesong till now hihi.. 5 years. more than half of my favourite songs is around that age too Image mostly tvb themesongs and game songs.. ya, nice old days. still remember the nites i surfed and downloaded each song w/ my 56Kbps modem hehe. now they use ADSL in VN and i use some hi-speed internet here, but i never have the "exploring" feelings when i searched the songs back then Image search, download, wait, and pray so that it won't corrupt at the middle ^^

sometimes i regret that i have such a long-term memory, but somehow.. at least like now, feel so so hihi

when i watched this series for the first time, i just feel it so simple and nice. ah, one more thing, gigi lai is so beauty. ya, but i don't like her type. too luxury for me Image 

but these days, when i re-watch it, i feel something else. just like, when u're a lil bit older, when u experience some of the stuffs on the film, u would see it in another way, just like.. "share" Image i didn't have any impression w/ ada choi in the first time, but now i really like the way she is. hehe.. the way she gets angry, the way she feels jealous, the way she cares. exactly what i like.. and what i once got Image

just like one of my friend told me.. lack this "co' truo'c co' sau".. well


one more test on thursday and it's over.. enjoy this nite w/ the rest of the series hihi


that's the themesong

rainbow in the nite..