that's the name of a short story i read long time ago on TTCN. it's about the activities and feelings of the blind students, and the way each of us appreciate our life. ones would take it with as much passionate as they could, ones would try to enjoy the peaceful-ness in the simple stuffs 'round them

it's here

i may fall in the 2nd case, although what i want is the somewhat between. cause too much peaceful-ness or so usually means laziness.

just went w/ my friend to do the voice-recording for the audio book this noon. now i know how the blinded use computers. each time they press a key, the computer will speak that character, or the menu they just changed to. the rest is about their imagination.

it was quite fun. reading, chatting. for me and my friends. and somehow meaningful or stuffs like that. just wonder what it means w/ them. struggling. fighting ? maybe

my high school class visited a village for blinded in our 12th year. and what i remembered the most is when a kid sat on the stone-bench and read the braille's book, w/ a smile.

and even after writing all the above stuffs, there's still something i couldn't clear off my head rite now. it's just like a video tape, forward, reward, but not eject.

it's always like that when christmas's coming. it's always just me in the airport, just me listening to the christmas melodies, just me to walk around the shops.

i laughed a lot and joked a lot these days, though. for fun..

ps: just thought 'bout this, when i asked the guy in-charge there if they could copy the already-recorded stuffs from another centre, he said it's usually not. something like each centre wants to maintain their competitive value. well..