this afternoon, mr Phu' - one of the blind guys i met in bung sa'ng - gave me a christmas card. a brand-new imported one. but i forgot to take it home.

yesterday, when he asked me if i like to have some cards or not. he said something like this "cu*ng co' can thiep tang. bo^` noel ko ^^". i thought it was just a "xa~ giao" or funny question. then i said okie lah. then he asked if i want the cards to have the music or not. i said non-music. thought that he just wanted to cheer me up since i was the only one came to record yesterday. however, today he did give me one.

it made me to think. and feel nice Image

frankly, i talked, joked, and told ppl around me stuffs, and then forgot. but they don't care. cause they do that too.

the guys there, not just that card, but they do remember nearly all the stuffs i talked, even my jokes which i don't usually have any ideas about that anymore..

i told someone just now, "when ppl couldn't see.. they listen and keep all they heard, in their heart"

that's what made me want to come there, not really for recording (me lazy hehe), but just for some warmth. just like a quiet corner that i once thought 'bout.

noi tieng viet la, may be, thich cach ma mi' nguoi do' nghe va nho' cau chien cua nguoi kha'c la'm, rat that, va chan tinh`. hong co xa giao gap noi noi cuoi cuoi roi ma.nh ai nay di. hihi...

received some nice care today.. from someone, and from some nice friends Image things seem to be back on track for me