already on the news. when i almost forgot 'bout those stuffs.

just wonder, it's a "fighting" or a pure warning ? i really dun't like the way they wrote 'bout it. although it's not far from the truth (that i heard), but the emotion they put in that article is not really neutral.

one who was in the same team with me in the 1st year. our team was "The Hall's friends", for those who stayed in halls. we sang "love is all around" , and played a fun drama for Te^'t. it was really fun.

the other one who shared his room with me in my worst week just some months ago.

well.. when it comes to $, just it stands

anyway, another chicken soup for the soul : what u listen or what u read, especially on the news, is not what it really is, but what it really - by someone's needs - is


nhieu khi biet nhieu cung ko han tot. chi to^? lam` minh` nhuc' dau. tha` cu' tuo?ng la` no' tot dep. co nhung chuyen tuong la` nhu vay, nhung nghe 2 chieu noi' wa, chieu kia noi lai. rot cuoc, chi cam thay bu`n cuoi`. everyone wants to prove their honesty w/ me. so, at least, one told a lie. or both ?


hom wa an com tam, chao long, hu tieu bo vien.

hom nay an bun bo`, banh cuon, bo bia, sui cao, bo vien.

mai di an Nam Ri

mot di thit. cho'

mot nua~ bo` 7 mo'n

sap thanh` heo ^-^


a lil bit un-warm. anyway, dun't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. and it's still fun.

did talk like a buddy, and nothing happened. however, did want.. some other kind of warm-ness hihi.

the more i felt "...", the more i talk. whatever..