ma' oi, damn fun

just showed my dad the way to use webcam for skype. man, more than half an hour, and then finally it was done Image

he didn't know much 'bout computers, so i must say "look for the text with the yellow box to its left" to describe the "folder" , later, i changed it to "look for the text which has the 3rd column labelled 'file folder' " , this way is easier for him Image

for the files, first i asked him like "find autorun.exe" , after a while, no use, then i changed to "find the text which has the 3rd column labelled 'application', and clicked them all ImageImage

after i asked him to insert the CD to the CD drive, khow how did i tell him which drive to click in My computer ? i said "look for the text, which has "cd drive" in the 2nd column, and has the size that is not 0 bytes (since his comp has 2 CDROM drive). man, so creative Image

at first, he got lost, and i felt hopeless Image then i asked him to let mom handle it, cause "i think mom has more experienced than u dad", okie, he called mom, but after mom sat in, and i asked her to click on the file, she ran away Image "it's so hard, don't ask me to do such complicated tasks, i dun't wanna use webcam" that's what she said Image noi tieng viet la` "la oai oai' " hihi

then dad returned, although he didn't know much 'bout comp, but he's so much patient than mom. although sometimes i lost my temper and talk w/ a lil higher than normal volume, but he just tries to do all i said,

man.. it made me feel, really... Image and i felt calm right away..

also, when the webcam worked, and the way dad and mom felt happie, they just look like children... mom show the "V" sign, "do u see ? it's V sign, for dad" hihi...

yesterday we did a 3 way conference between my parents, my bro and I. today did a 2 way but had 1 webcam, may be next week, 3 way conference and 3 webcam... hehe, nice Image

i really like this feeling ... Image peaceful.. for this moment.

for everyone who may read this, wish u have some light, simple but memorable moments w/ ur family, no matter how far the members are Image


and time for project, 48 more hours Image

i feel so "blogative" these days hehe