tu dung nghe duoc bai nay cung hay hay Image

ma'c cuoi, hom wa big bro hoi co' bi tha't tinh hong sao thay im im, tu'c la default he^~ im im la that' tinh Image just so busy man Image in no mood for luv Image just in the mood to go to ur coming wedding party hehe Image just wonder if i could eat much and drink (a lil bit) much in that day hihi

dao nay hoi bi di u'ng do.c public tam su voi doc blog, mac du do' la thoi' wen tao nha~ do' gio (do to mo Image), nhieu cai' do.c len nghe no' cu' u a'm sao sao. ma thoi, cung co' lu'c giong thia' ma Image

friday is the ultimate deadline Image

thoi di an cai'. hom wa viet 1 cai' blog ke chien tinh cu?m, ma xoa' goi`. "ai" ko doc duoc ra'ng chiu. hihi.

dye hair kieu nao cho re? gio ta Image