whatever u say/declare that u have, esp 'bout the mentality, is usually not there, yet. it's just what you want or feel that u have to get.

i dun't remember how many times i told myself or others  that i feel old, or matured. but till now, after 5 minutes of seriously considering, i realize it's not really like that

however, physically, i'm 1 year older now.

mom sent SMS to wish me a nice birthday, her gift is the pix that I took when i was on a trip to Da Lat 9 or 10 years ago. looked funny then.

bro sent some japanese-style pix and his usual moral lessons. just wanna say thanks and u know what bro, i appreciate those words (those i just denied not so long ago)

my aunt called me by internet phone, and sang a song for me. she made me suprised and a lil bit touch since i dun't usually keep in touch w/ her. she seemed to hang out w/ a guy lately, just wish something nice may come. she's not too young now.

ms Oanh the piggie (tieng viet nghia la` kon Oanh heo) sent me the 1st birthday wish. at 12AM. tks ku.

some other friends did cheer me up also, as well as a topic on the forum. tks all

just some moments before midnite, someone reminded me of some stuffs. and some moments after midnite, some other did the same. they dun't intentionally do that. just because i'm still affected by those stuffs, although for a bit. (not really a bit, but it fades out now. fade, not disappear though..)

i dun't care 'bout how others see me. but it's a lil bit uncomfortable when there're some ppl who didn't even see my face, still knows me, just because of the last girl i dated, and the related stuffs.

anyway, the gud point is that it doesn't take me so long now, to pass those un-welcomed feelings.

be simple. be productive. those're the plain things i want for this coming new age of mine.

well, mentally, seems i'm a lil bit older

and bottle ?