is it a gud one ?

i came across this when taking my time in MRT station this morning. well, it's actually the ads for Singapore Navy. the guy suddenly saw himself on the news, featured in the movie with his name. the screenshot is taken when he's using the washing-machine. then when he came to the cinema, everybody slept already Image then, he joined Singapore Navy, to spice up his life

hehe.. although i dun't really like the way Singapore government advertised their army force, it seems a lil bit too much (ads on MRT, shuttle bus, television, on the news, or in a simple way, everywhere ... for times, i thought it's an ads for some action film then Image ), but i have to admit that their idea is kool. it made me also wanna join the army force to have that kind of heroic feelings, or to make the life less boring. however, that feeling just lasts until i moved my eyes off that ads Image

however, the slogan made me think a lil bit

if ur life were a movie, how is it ?

another point, the differences between ur life and a movie is that, ur life hasn't ended yet Image and u could somehow, decide its ending, rite ?

when i were on the MRT, i remembered some scene.. 1 thang nho'c va con be', ngoi tren mrt. gan do' la 1 ong cha'c la tam li' hong binh thuong 1 te.o (psycho). chung wanh moi nguoi ngoi ca'ch xa ra. chi co' 2 dua' no' ngoi gan. con be' rat thich an keo. chocolate, trong gio no luc nao cung co' keo. no' lay ra dua cho nguoi dan ong do'. cuoi. nhin tuoi* la'm. ong hoi canh gia'c, roi cung cam. thang nho'c cung cuoi. cho ong? dzui va an tam. voi lai, cuoi.. vi con be' Image roi nguoi dan ong do' cung cuoi, va dua con be' to bao' ong? dang cam`, nhu la cam on.

roi thang be' va con be' toi' airport de do'n ba.n . gap 1 ba la~o . doi chuyen' bay sa'ng. ma luc do moi 12h hon. tuc la ba phai ngoi hon 5-6 tieng nua, mot minh. vi ba so. o nha thi ngu? quen ko len kip. ngoi noi chien, con be' thi bap bo~m tie'ng tau, thang nho'c thi ngoi nhin, cuoi cuoi. roi con be' kho'c, no' kho'c uo't ao' thang be' 1 te.o, noi' la nhin ba la~o nho' ba ngoai. wa'. ba` lao khen 2 dua' no' ngoan, tang cho cay luo.c ...

roi cung ve`. roi cung qua di.

sometimes, i just dun't understand why ppl think so much 'bout other stuffs. is there own stuffs and troubles not complicated enuf ?

and sometimes, when i need some balance, when i wanna feel some peaceful, i remember the peaceful scenes i saw, and the piece just now is one of those.. Image for that, i feel satisfied about what i've been through, with her, or part of my life

and now, another part is coming Image come on man... no money no gal lah, so work first, date later Image


the pix is poster from invisible journey, another tvb series, featured lam bao? di and tuyen huyen. the story is quite nice. the gal is blind, and tried hard to see the light, even for just a moment. Image

ps: its themesong enjoy it