i thought 3224 is quite interesting, however, as usual, i'm wrong Image mr lecturer keeps praising his own module as "the best course about internet/networking in NUS" Image and he feels sorry that it will be deprecated the next semester Image man, if it's the best, then why don't they remove 2105 or 3103 first ? Image

in all the network-related courses i studied, may be, i like network1 & network2 much more, esp network2.

just read some job ad, they pay 4-5k for CISSP. one of my seniors tended to apply.

among the very-gud-and-excelleng-seniors-that-i-know, i like his path most. it's the way i'm trying to follow also...

man, long time no see gentoo. and know i'm doing a usual "emerge --update --deep world", it has gcc-3.4.5 for now, and gcc4.0 still hasn't made it.

i had some usual-se'n-style blog last nite. anyway, the gud point is that, my memory is truly short-term rite now

man, damn bored... why does he keep talking 'bout the stuffs presented in other modules.. i should skip this class and explore the career fair a lil bit more.