feel like blogging again, i always told my friends not to be affected by the un-worthy stuffs, yet i can't manage myself to be immune from those too hehe. anyway, it passed. you shouldn't get rid of one thing, just because some part of it doesn't suit u

just went to a career talk, and here are some nice quotes

- sex (films) without story is boring Image 

- life is not like MCQ, u can never choose one absolutely correct option

and some other techie stuffs which i dun't feel like to quote here

just called mom to wish her well, since she got a flu. and wish her a nice 8/3 also hihi Image

think 'bout MCQ and life matter, years ago, life's simple for me hehe. i listen to some seniors talking and swear @#$%, then i think hey those guys are bad, since they swear. i saw some gals with the "shirt w/ 2 strings" (ao' 2 da^y) or having sex, then i accuse them for being "la(ng nhang( " , and stuffs like that

sometimes, just found it funny, when u remember ur once-upon-a-time thoughts, may be childish, but nice lah

now, i dun't really wanna give any comments 'bout so many matters, since all the options can be right, and wrong Image

so, who care ? just finish my part first leh

my favourite saying : tha` la`m cha^n tieu? nhan con` ho*n nguy. qua^n tu?

ps: a nice oldie jap song to share