dao nay` thu'c khuya la` bu`n ngu?, mot chien ra't binh` thuo`ng nhung cung ko binh` thuong, anyway, it's gud

hom nay di an com gap tha`ng ku, no' ngoi` than tho? hoc stress wa', than duoc 1-2 cau thi` bao ma` thoi, hong nen noi' ve troubles cua minh` nhieu`, ca`ng noi' ca`ng roi' , not bad ..

nghi toi nghi lui thay truoc gio` noi' hoi nhieu`

as for the title, it's not 'bout the time, but some of my stuffs.. seems to be late

the pix is my high school class.

ps: just saw this from some blog, love fades. friendship lasts forever

however, i dun't find any meaning from it. friendship may last longer, just because it doesn't need much commitment like luv. fed up with such ideal-korean-style statement