there's another little "war" on the forum, just because of something trivial.

i did want to write something there, but after all, just place it here. for your own safety lah Image

what's the point if you say sorry, you say okie, welcome to the performance, and also, you indirectly-bully-or-tease that one ?

what's the point if you say, well, i cancel my slot, and leave it to you, while you know that every others will not agree to let that one perform, because you are on the "white" side (phe chi'nh nghi~a) Image 

what's the point of "7 out of 10 listeners dun't want to listen to his performance" just because he's the one who caused troubles ? trying to make him an outcast ? because you are from the brigh-white-gud-correct side ?

i dun't really like the "victim" in that war. just paid some attention since he's from the same primary school as me. may be he's self-confident too much, or "bo la'o" or so

but the way those right-correct-gud-bright guys "say sorry" and slap him at the same time, is quite funny

aiyo, not my stuffs, if it were like, last year or so, then i would jump in, and say something 'bout that. now, tired lah. if it doesn't touch u, no need to concern so much. at least, dun't make urself involved

like in those kungfu film, in most of the case, i just like to be on the gray side. i luv the "nua? cha'nh nua? ta`" guys. just because, i feel that, all the so called "cha'nh phai' " guys, are suck (no wonder the same 'bout the opposite side)

since this blog is 'bout guitar matter, here is one of my favourite guitar tracks. eyes on me acoustic version

another version of "em ve tinh khoi", may i send it to u

wanna ask if it's ok or not for now. but may be u wanna solve it urself or dunt wanna share. just a lil bit .. care. hi`.