wanna go to changi to say gudbye to lil big sis but felt a lil bit tired then just phoned her. seems like i lack of sleeping these days

going to receive goodies from home. my mom asked my dad to go buy some tissue for me, cause he told her i had a a running nose all the time. she also wanna send me some fresh fruits, cause, like she sometimes SMSed me "bum map. nho' an trai' cay nhieu nha, coi chun`g bi. bo'n do'" ImageImage another example of the a-lil-bit-extreme-motherhood is this SMS "bum map ngu? du`ng de? cell gan` da^`u coi chu`ng bi. ung thu* nao~, voi lai coi chung` de? ga`n bu.ng se~ bi. vo^ sinh do' " ImageImageImage

the last time i asked her how they feel per 100% (since they got a flu) she replied "ba` tie^n map^. 90% , tiger ma^.p 80% ". my dad born the year of the tiger Image

ya. that's what make me sometimes suprised, and light. family is just something, that u always feel light thinking 'bout it Image and know that no matter what f-cking stuffs u do, someone out there still support and care for you, like if u're still a babie

the pix named family ties

quote from the author ( http://www.deviantart.com/view/9889176/ )

Last entree before I head out for Rochester. From the family shoot last Sunday. This child suffers juvenile rhomboid arthritis. Let her be an inspiration to us all.