listening to :

dun't quite like My Linh's latest album. i can't even remember its name. among her albums, i like "toc' nga'n 1" the most, then some tracks in "toc' nga'n 2" and most of the tracks in "chat w/ mozart". i gave "made in vn" a try but didn't feel anything till now

my taste of muzik isn't so stable as i thought. in the old days, i usually felt proud when telling my friends "hey man, look at me, i listen to the game muzik since i was at 9th grades, till now. and still like it" . something like "chan`g kho` thuy? chung" Image

for now, dun't really feel anything special about it. may be, because i listened to those muzik so much that now i feel bored. or it just simply means, i dunt like it, anymore. just sometimes, listened and reminiscened something, no more no less

the muzik isn't change. u do. Image

fell in luv w/ so-called-gothic or power-metal . i dun't like to remember all the terms. as long as i like some songs, that's enuf. also not care 'bout its lyric Image to name some, evanescence, nightwish, estatic fear ...

ah`, just recently listened to this song :

someone commented like this "nice song, just that he went to US", or some mr-dear-writer  recently critizied mr pha.m duy for some political issues. well, are those issues that much important ?

i also have some friend who like to bash those boatman after reading their unfriendly-comments 'bout our country. i myself also didn't like those who planned to immigrate to US in the highschool days. but now, i feel neutral. and i think i could understand why both sides think that bad about the opposite side. just to understand and feel, is much better than to conclude anything

just heard some news 'bout those who involved in the MLM's case last semester. those who were in "gud side" now started to recruit more. and those who were in "bad side" also did the same. then what's the point ?

or, when u stand in the middle of some ppl. and heard what they thoughts 'bout the others, vs what you see when they talk to others

it's fun to stand in the middle and watch everything. to just say this "well, it's life. dun't feel suprised man"

seems so long for a blog. like i just recently said, dun't wanna conclude anything. although i tried to express some of my thoughts.. Image

although i still sometimes lost my temper, but i think i look at stuffs, w/ some cooler way. cooler doesn't mean so kool, just means not so aggressive like i did. hi`

for the pix, it came from "at the threshold of an era". seems a lil bit similar to my situation now. i mean, working stuffs