a post from some friend reminded me of some lil bro i met

well, although i know she wrote it w/ stuffs from the bottom of her heart, i still couldn't feel the point of those words

maybe because i didn't met and involve w/ him much. or just because "dao. ba't do`ng"

[this's what i thought back then, when ppl crying-and-posting-on-the-forum-that-they're-crying-and-sad , and still valid for now]

if ppl passed away, why dun't just think that it's gud for them ? u're sad, ya, but it's ur biz. want them to stay alive ? so that their parents would sell all the properties they had just to pay some huge amount of hospital fee ? u listed tons of memories w/ him, why dun't u think that at those times, he felt so hurt that he just wanted to finish it asap ?

and why can't u come to NUH just because he passed away there ? isn't it film-alike ? even if those were my dearest relatives, i dun't think i could be that much affected

what's my point ?.. maybe, i hate those who live w/ memories,

like myself Image