might spend this nite in soc lab. just went to NUH for supper. usual dish - fried rice. full Image

i tried most of the fried-rice in the campus : at jap stall in PGP-no-aircon-canteen, at claypot or chinese stall in sci canteen, in NUH, in raffles..

maybe, the fried-rice from the claypot stall is the best (among those stalls). once had some other really gud fried-rice, but long-time-no-see

someone just complained why i thought and (seem) to write so much. well, not really lah. i wrote much, but most of those was pix, quote from others, just a lil bit of my stories there. 

again, my favourite saying

con ni't nghi~ i't, nguoi` nho? nghi~ nhie^`u

nguoi` lo'n lai. nghi~ it' Image (nhung nho' nhieu` Image)

i've been through all those "dau` nho? nghi~ nhieu`" days, so i dun't really mean it when i blamed some friends for being thoughtful, just for fun. cause i know, if someone told me those things at the old days, i also didn't care Image


somehow, found kun & chan nice.. Image