just in case somebody missed me Image i just changed my YM account. sometimes just wanna have something new lah. i did want to dye my hair, but it's lil bit expensive here, so may be 1-2 months later hehe. should i display the new hair in my bro's wedding ? Image

just had some talk w/ my buddie last nite. told her that one of the reasons i wrote so much, not really because i felt or thought that much, but partly because of the exciting feelings when i know that many ppl are reading my blog

somehow it's not gud lah. feel exciting --> tend to write more --> most likely to think more --> a lil bit abnormal stuffs --> ppl felt curious and read --> more views --> feel exciting

btw, don't want and couldn't write these days. projs and reports are chasing me.

anyway, it's gud to have a friend that u could confess most of ur bad-dirty-ma'c-dai.-dark thoughts hehe.

so, no more blog lah, at least for now. it could also be considered as a change erh :D

@headache: just read ur blast, and wanna say something like "go wash ur face lah kiddo", like what i used to. know what, still remember when u told me to take some "nuo'c gia'" (which i dun't know what is is) when i set the status to what u're setting he` he`.  dunt know if it's fake or not, but just dun't care : ) n, i dunt feel uncomfortable leh hihi