just a quote from the latest mail of my long-time-no-see lecturer
My third gripe is about passion. I've done a lot of interviews and
very often the interviewee would tell us that this-or-that is his
passion, but when probed on what he had done in his pursuit of his
passion, sometimes we heard answers like "Oh, I haven't been able to do
much because I don't really have the time as school work is just too
heavy." That doesn't sound very much like passion; it sounds more like
a liking, an interest, or an infatuation to me.  :)   If you truly have
a passion for something, nothing can stop you, not even the heaviest
of school work, nor even the world. It is perfectly fine, and might
be more truthful and sincere, to admit that you have not discovered your
passion yet, or you are in the midst of developing one. Everybody needs
at least a passion in something, and sooner or later, you should find
yourself one, something that you are proud of, something that identifies