finished marketing this morning, not bad :D although i didn't sleep last nite.

there was some "ri` du ni a^n" w/ long-time-no-chat buddies. the last time we had a conference (in YM, of course) was 2 years ago. last nite, i went to bed but couldn't sleep (just woke up few hours before that :"> ), online, and saw the 2 of them. made a conference, and here we are Image the 2 guys keep teasing the gal 'bout some you-know-what-issue, i told them about our 1st time, and described them with just one short sentence. quite fun

2 years, and things change. the 2 guys are gal-less now, just the gal still guy-ly hihi. those 2 worked much, had many stuffs to say 'bout their part-time job, while i just listen Image aiyo, i'm going to work also leh :p

my favourite saying cuoc doi` la nhu~ng cho~ giao nhau va` ko giao nhau cua moi~ nguoi` , and somehow, i found it nice, for times like the chat last nite. we didn't stay in the same place, we didn't share much common stuffs, didn't talk much . and i even got some personal Image w/ the gal. we were busy with our own path for years, and suddenly, when we happen to meet again, there's still some feeling, like the last time, years ago Image

beyond the virtual, lies the reality - Sim