my big bro will come back to VN tmr to prepare for his wedding party. i will come back one week later

i? lu ping an (mandarin) = "have a nice trip", that's what i just told him on IM. but i actually meant some more, just dunt want to tell leh :p

hix, dang viet' cai' di an mi` pha't, gio` no le` he't hu'ng vie't dai` roai`. in general, looking forward to my bro's wedding. really.. Image since it would be one of the happiest days of him, also of my parents, and mine also, of course.

a lil bit of reminiscence, when he went abroad, i was in 5th grade then. so it's almost 10 years. and we just met (offline) 4-5 times. mostly chat. but i dun't find any distance between us at all.. hi`. still remember the stuffs we had when he was in VN and i was just a primary school kid. an ba'p nuo'ng o LHP, di chep' game = dia~ mem`, cho? di bo*i .. and much more

and now, he's gonna have his own family soon while i'm also going to graduate Image.

what i should do now, is try to be less-problem-generated , so that he doesn't have to worry 'bout me, as he always has to hihi. : ) a tks is really se'n, esp for family's member. but i really want to tell him, someday.. when it seems that i'm grown up enuf.

not now leh Image hi`.