Sao ban nay dong blog da? Hong cho tui duoc tiep tuc update tinh hinh cam xuc va cuoc song cua ban Sim dep trai, da sau da cam da?

Noi chu ban nay co khoe khong? Co chuyen gi buon ha? Noi tui nghe voi.Hay la ban nay ngai noi cho tui nghe da? Noi chung la lau nay tui thay tui noi nhieu chuyen voi ban nay chu ban nay thi co ke le gi dau. Cung co the vi ban nay cam thay tui hong phai la nguoi thich hop de chia se nhung chuyen private cua ban nay lam. A ma tui hoi tham khong chi vi tui von "tam" ma tui cung that su muon biet ban nay ra sao ma :P

Hy vong la moi viec cua ban nay deu Ok nhe. Giu gin suc khoe :D


a lil bit not in the mood to open my blog these days until i received this PM from my friend.

well, i'm always like that. being thought 'bout by those i rarely think 'bout. and think 'bout those who again,rarely think 'bout me.

read the above message from my, well, since-primary-school-friend, just feel nice. tks.