well, i got a usual nothing-to-do-weekend, the gud thing is that my gray muzik site just got its 100k (one and five zeroes :D) listener.

"gray" means it's currently hosting some not-really-legal tunes (you know it), and that doesn't count the english tunes that i decided to disable due to some might-be-there-for-me legal issues.

wanna say tks to

- all the uploaders.
- my web-hosting provider for such a cheap and reliable service.
- photokorn for their nice gallery script which i modified to serve my needs for this site
- ms boobie for her logo
- mr leohart for his nice ajax guestbook (although it currently doesn't work due to my ajax integration to the site hehe, too lazy to fix though, or more exactly, clueless)

again, tks to those used my site to share their favourite songs. i came to know many new nice tunes, really. and i believe many others would too.