just came up with this idea and try to list some stuffs leh

- get used to the not-so-delicious-food and then after than can take those not-so-delicious-food as some delicious ones. tks to my dear mom. also tks to my internal grandma (sh*t, how do u call ur "ba` no^.i" ? or mom of ur dad leh) since if she's a lil bit more conservative then my dad couldn't marry my mom i guess so Image at the end of the day, what would it benefit my dad ? these days when just 2 of them stayed together, he can practice his cooking ability besides his usual washing-dish ability which i inherit a lil bit. and they seem enjoying that scene. Image

- really like to say hello and gudbye to adults. that's the very basic thing that my parents kept telling me to do. at first i was really uncomfortable with it. but time after time, just like my 1st thing, now i get used to it to the point that i feel it interesting. when i say some greetings and look at those satisfied faces of my relatives, well, just like to pay off for my long-time-don't-want-to-visit-or-want-but-too-lazy-to-visit-them erh. Image

- some i-used-to-considered-bad-habbits from my dad. like the way he fell addict to upgrading his speaker sets although nowadays he's too lazy to do that. drinking, ya, a lil bit. since just recently i understand the feeling u got when u drink w/ ur friends. not just like some bastard just know how to buy beer and drink and shout and f-cking drunk like what i thought 'bout it before.

slightly affect:

- since my dad works in a might-somehow-be-imporant department in the hospital, many patients came to our house to ask for some shortcut-paid-by-u-know-which. he refused all and just received the fruits, crabs (well, not cheap erh but the point is it's not nga^n luo.ng anyway). i found it nice.

but, nowadays, i guess i couldn't follow that principal, at all. things sometimes need to be solved in a lil-bit-not-usual-way. i won't receive, but i sure have to pay others in such way later.

- my mom's smile makes me feel nice & peaceful and then partly reflects the criterias for my to-be-f-cked-by-me gal (i mean my wife).

- the eat-bottle (= an chai ~= an chay) tale from my bro. he told me that he swore to do that for several days every month if i got to pass the entrance exam to the college. well, it touched me. and after that made me to have a similiar promise with my ex-gf. and then i failed. that's the differences between he and I. i'm too lazy (provided that he still keeps his promise Image)

well, those are some most interesting things i could think of for now. tks for all of them that makes me myself today Image family is nice, no matter how it affects u erh. and what seems not so nice in the 1st place might turn out to be nice later on. just depend on the age u are in, i guess so.

nice day pa` kon

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