càng ngày càng có cảm giác bị cái PoE này lừa tình rồi đi đâu cũng nghe ca ngợi


I have the power to choose. What I choose in life, is what I get.

What I think, is what I get. I move in the direction of my thoughts.

If I think I can, I can. If I think I cannot, I cannot.

If I think big, I become big. If I think small, I become small.

If I think positive, I become positive. If I think negative, I become negative.

If I think hate, I become hateful. If I think love, I become lovable.

I become what I think about.

The Me I See. I Me I’ll Be.

sh*t, after all, it's just about how to be confident, confident and confident, rite ? what i don't like 'bout this PoE is that it looks like brainwash, even for a better self.

what's better self ?? think big ? think positive ? always keeps urself energetic ? isnt it a lil bit robot-ish ???

and one f-cking thing is that my friends said although they initially planned to ask for a full refund (the course got a full-refund-policy-with-no-question-asked) but after the course they just feel so good that they don't ask for the refund anymore. sh*t, sounds unbelievable to me. and yet, many of them did that.

now it just strikes my head in the same way as when i read all those articles 'bout the cases where the family members of the drug addicts also got addicted because they tried to prove that they could use it and get rid of it easily. at those times i really wanted to try, to prove them wrong. (luckily i didn't)

is it that hard to be confident ? for now, i am not really confident. i give up something just because of some similiar experiences. and reading 'bout this PoE really makes me wonder that what i would do 'bout that if i really take the course ?


like they say, now seems like i'm still in my comfort & peaceful zone and with the old lazy loser mindset ? damn, i hate these buzzwords.

see how... let's find myself by myself with just me myself in the coming May first. if failed, i might truly consider PoE. sh*t. but i fcking swear that I will ask for a refund even if he turned me into the most active confident guy in the world!!!!!