some very things that i recently did to keep my mood up

- purchased a VPS, moved my from the current shared hosting there, took quite some time to setup the things and implement a few more features. learnt a lil bit more 'bout server configuration & hardening. and the gud thing is that it costs me just 7.5 buck for the 1st month. (and waste 3$ for the cPanel liscense which is quite useless)

- try to like my new position although I don't think I would stick with it. i'd like to do consultant and sales but with some more potential (i mean, big) company

- learn some basic cooking

- keep swimming and "fly kite" from the gym sessions already (haiz, typical lazy me)

- drink 1 can of beer everyday

- join the FOC, hope to get some fun there

- get some TVB series to kill any free time left

- polish and keep sending my resume' around


usually at such boring-n-down period like this, i ended up in VN. must do it another way now