i will surely drag myself into the pool of bon-chen & messy thoughts tmr, but for this very moment, after watching this kute movie and drinking a beer, i just don't understand why we have to live a much complicated life while we can do it, may be, in a more simple way ?

this morning, my friend told me that she likes to watch those oldie kungfu movie just because there're some true-good-man there and there are less conflicts as well as greediness then in the present world.

recently i read someone's blog and in those 7 things 'bout herself, there's this so called career: "pharmacist, that's what my sis chose for me and I gradually like it". it's been a long time, and i still remember that we had a great deal of argument over that issue.

i always asked why she chose that over what she had always told me as her dream, an english teacher. it's because you can't be a great english teacher in the states, u cant be a well-known teacher there, she said. and she also told me that i was too simple

and that's the only f-cking thing that haunts my head from time to time. am I too simple ? if yes, is it the bad thing ? can't I just f-cking live a simple and peaceful life like what I want ?

are we all walking on our boulevard of the broken dreams ? or just me ?