my colleague [point at my dish]: what's that ?

me: fish ?

my colleague: stingray

me: last time some australian adventurer died because of it rite ? what's the name i forgot already

my colleague: steve irwin

me: yup, so now i take revenge for him leh

my colleague: wa lao, so u must do this everyday then

me: nope, u know 'bout buddhist ?

my colleague: a bit

me: u know that, they said it's not good to revenge, since this revenge will just lead to another one, so... I just do it, once or twice a week leh

my colleague: wtf [laughing]


at the NTU so-called international student center where they sold sth so-called vietnamese coffee

my colleague: u know how do they call this in hongkong ? [point at the cup]

me: erh ?

my colleague: stocking-coffee

me: why

my colleague: because they use the stock as the filter for the coffee there

me: wtf [laughing]


in the morning, when i came to the office and saw my boss sleeping inside his car

- [knocking] hey, u stayed here for the whole nite erh ?

- nope, just an hour or so

- then why didn't u just go there (office) and rest leh

- we shouldn't sleep in the office erh


it's just 'bout the attitude, rite