morning: went to NTU to fix the stuffs. those users were so "kute".

my colleague: maybe, you give a try and you would know more 'bout the system ?

user: erh, it looks scary, maybe you try it first leh [pointing at another user]

that's what we call UAT (user acceptance testing) or traing

afternoon: rush to an interview which i think i did well. even though for times like this i usually failed. but i don't want to accept it as a trend. i don't f-cking want. the interview was quite interesting and took me 1 and a half hour. i can't make it to the next interview which was scheduled at 5pm, so i just canceled it

evening: went with my freshmen group and got a lot of fun. seldomly when somebody mentioned 'bout green, i think i really.. passed it.

on the way back, watched the ending of "eternal sunshine in the spotless mind" on the bus, and didn't feel anything at all

i keep telling kami that i think 'bout green, that i'm afraid that she got attached. but i don't think i really care that much. it's just something too far, too blur, and too uncertain for me to carry on.

i enjoy the current moments, when i feel tired because o the interview, when i tell myself that i can't f-cking lose it and come back to vietnam. i enjoy this very f-cking process. i enjoy hanging out with those young, funny and kute freshmen. that's what i were, 4 years ago, and i feel that I'm what i was, for now, for this very moment

after-nite : i came back home, went to the food court, order some beer, and now came back, a lil bit drunk, a lil bit high, and i write 'bout this very ordinary day of mine. i like it. i like the f-cking stress i got, i like the f-cking moments when i came to an interview, to face someone i had never seen before, to talk cock, to show them how f-cking good i am. i enjoy hanging out, joking with those freshmen.

i'm tired and yet, i'm peaceful the way i f-cking am