just uploaded a few game muzik tracks to listenme, haven't done that for a while (many "while" actually)

The Bend of Time http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2135

The Girl Who Stole the Star http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2136

Diaries of Olan Piano Sweet http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2137

The Place I Will Return Someday http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2138

Town http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2139

Fisherman's Horizon http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2140

Forgetting Yesterday's Dream http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2141

Wandering Light http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2142

Aerith's Theme http://www.listenme.net/index.php/songs/show/id/2143

if you're moody or just wanna try to feel a lil bit, can give them a try

pix: time's scar - chrono cross , from deviantart

i like that scenery