it's good to detach yourself from the past

yesterday was an eventful day. from the stupid card i asked lolem to deliver to the stupid kami for her stupid 3-years-stuffs, from the 2 funny taxi drivers i met, from the interviews i went to, from the chit-chat session I got with you, from a noisy but lite children playground I saw in some HDB, from the beer i drank, from the music i listened to at the end of the day, from the SMS i got that told me i'm not being hated anymore , from all the jokes with my roommate after that

on the way back from suntec, i went to the foodcourt and got myself 1 bottle of beer. i was high . i like that f-cking moment where i can take a rest after a whole day out there, drink and feel myself sunk into the sea of feelings. and after that, a lite sleep.

woke up. had breakfast at 6. it's cool. wind breezes. many things just don't belong to the present anymore, i'm glad

be pink, erh