To **** members

I havn't been in here much lately. Busy life.
And now that I am back ... I finally come to a realize that members (especially the older ones) are very emo and that is very sad. Sad indeed.
Sorry to shatter your emotional or in depth writting, but you guys sometime need a life, honestly. No offence.

Back in the days, you guys were Emo and now, more emo than before! Hell!
I swear the day when all
members are jolly hooly, is when hell freezes over! Damn it!
If you love someone, than tell them.
If you tell them and they dont' love you back, then fcuk it.
If they love you, but you dont' love them back, then you're a jerk.
And if they love you and you love back then congratulation.

If they crush your heart and make you feel low, tell them to go fcuk themselves.
If you crush someone elses heart, then you go fcuk yourself!

If it hurts, go take some drugs. Smoke up some joints. Sleep around for a bit.
If you think you have too much dignity and pride to do something like that, than dont' complain. You just pass up very good solutions.

There's more to life than love. There's games, there's money and last but not least there's sex!

Damn it ... no wonder my english club is always dead! Same shits over and over again.

So how is everyone today?