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cái này là của 1 pạng, ai xài RoR (Ruby on Rails) mà deploy = Mongrel thì sẽ biết. mình chưa viết gì nhiều = RoR, càng chưa xài Mongrel nhưng cực kì thích style của pạng này qua 1 cái blog hồi lâu tình cờ đọc được. cái này là trích đoạn pạng ấy giải thích vì sao lại đi học guitar

source: http://www.zedshaw.com/blog/index.html

That’s all I’ve been doing. Guitar, writing, and FU. Now, some people when I tell them that I basically used a huge chunk of my severance to learn music at my age ask, “What are you going to do with it?” Well I could come back with, “I just wanna rock.” Which is partially true, but obviously in my own weird little way. Another answer is that I want to make tech for musicians, but the truth is I want to be a musician who makes tech for himself.

The better question is why people think that the things they learn only have value if there’s money potential. Yes, I understand more than anyone that being poor sucks and that many people can’t even eat let alone attend a fancy music school. This is why if I have the chance to study now, and I don’t take it, then I’ll have wasted an opportunity other people would kill to have.

For me however, the biggest reason is I’ve got something to say, and I think music is the best way to say it. When I’m done with my year of school, I’ll be able to use my knowledge to express myself, my ideas, and the things I want to say. It may never make me any money, but it will make me a better person.

The reason music appeals to me now as a way to express my feelings and ideas is that, unlike code, people expect you to be weird or creative with sound. When I tell people the software I write is art, or if I make something weird just as a joke, they look at me funny or roll their eyes. To them, coding is how they put potatoes on their plate. It’s not art, and I should shut the fuck up and get back to work.

When I write, people seem to enjoy the humor and the information, but very rarely enjoy the creative writing I do. Hell, I don’t think I’ve written anything creative in years. It’s all informational technical writing or funny blog posts. The reaction this form of expression receives is powerful, but only in the opinion forming or political-social way. The popularity of the phrase, “Steak and Strippers” from my blog is a good example of how my writing influences people.

Yet, with music I can play a wide range of styles and tunes, compose little tiny songs or bing horrible evil ones, and people will react in more direct varied ways. Sometimes it’s, “God I wish he’d quit playing.” Other times, they make my stuff into a ringtone and preserve the joke for future generations.

With music I can write sad songs, or happy ones, or funny stuff (yay ukelele) and even get serious and deadly if I feel like it. People will listen even when I’m just noodling around on a little thumb board over the internet. People just generally like different interesting music and respond to any range of emotions I can put into it.

With code, they hate emotion. People will actually email me to ask that I not put “curse words” into my open source projects. With code, nobody appreciates the huge amount of work that went into the little web server that runs their massive business operations. With my writing and public speaking they expect me to be a raving lunatic asshole (which is kind of cool too).

Music though gives me the chance to be more myself, and just write songs or say whatever the hell I want. No pretense about it, just me dorking around making something I feel like making.

Well, actually, when I get better at playing that is.