The key is to figure out what you want early in life, before you waste a chunk of it collecting the means to achieve it. ~ source

A: Money really doesn’t mean much to us as long as we can do whatever we want
B: The first you will learn about money is that it lets you do exactly that. ~ source

and this is where I collect the above stuffs, tumblr

last note, ListenMe is back. I accidentally deleted the source code last year and then ported it to various platforms (Drupal, Wordpress, Habari) but too lazy to actually finished the stuffs. Lately, I felt the urge to share some music and here it goes after the last 2 weekends. The looks and functionalities are still the same, just that it's now based on Symfony 1.2

these are the very nice tunes that I listened for the first time at Lóc Cóc recently

When Angels Cry

Life will never be the same again

Master of the Wind

Leaving Eden

If you will go

Nothing else matters