I stayed up till 2 AM together with my team to assist them with some technical issue. It's been a long time since I last did some serious programming stuffs. And it was fun. Tech guy at heart, I guess :-)

Today seems sux and same goes for these days. I got so many works and when I thought I did it well, others arrived

I learned many things which I already summarized in some previous post and one of the most important things that I'm still trying to master is to "step back".

Today also seems sux because I realized I'm bad, when someone ask me "does it make you feel cool ?".

Today also seems sux because of blah blah blah

However, after we finally found the root cause and solved the issue, I walked back to the hotel while it was so windy and the street was almost empty, it was calm, lite and suddenly-nice.

Today isn't sux anymore, because it's already tomorrow, new day :-)

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