This is a humble attempt to compile a series 'bout my tech rambling. Why? Because after a lot of paperwork/PM stuffs, I still find it very interesting and emotional while reading this IT-related article :-) .

During the college years, my favorite courses were not those IT-related ones but just these 2:  "Reasoning and persuasion" (Philosophy) and "Great ideas in contemporary Physics". It was very interesting to somehow realize the connection between them. After all, they're just 'bout different ways that we try to perceive our life.

I recently wrapped up some prototype for work using Drupal and then wanted to rewrite it using a proper MVC framework for fun. I used to mess with Symfony but recently found it too bloated. So I looked around and this is exactly what I hate 'bout PHP: there are simply so many f-cking frameworks around. It's fine if you're easy-going or you know what you're doing, just pick one and settle down with it, but... if you're not sure and you want to look for "the one", then welcome to hell with all those arguments/benchmark/review full of bias to determine which one is the best.

Seem like I'm still on the way to perceive my life and put things into a bigger picture to see what fits me. For some people, they seem to know what they like and easily settle down. Damn, I'm jealous.

That makes me recently come to this thought: if I could simply like a few things the way I like food

I can't. Because you just don't really have to make a choice for food. The rest, you might.

Haiz, vừa viết vừa phải nín ..è, và google xem ngữ pháp đúng hay không, mệt quá :D