I rarely praise software but this is one of those exceptions.

My last TODO list look something like this


Basically, it's an Excel with sortable columns and I used background color to mark some tasks as urgent.

It simply works. However, it's a bit cluttered and I sometimes feel not so comfortable looking at it. It looks so "office-ish". Yes, I don't need another "office-ish" stuff to remind me what I should do in my office. I prefer something more interesting to look at.

Therefore in some attempt to organize my pending tasks, I tried various web-based TODO application. Remember the Milk is the most sophisticated one and it's quite good but turned out too complicated for me, Tada List is too simple and it's not enough. Finally, I came across Todoist and totally fell for it


It looks simple, it looks nice (with the color touch), it supports most of the (very few) features I need from a TODO list. I don't feel stress looking at it. And that's it.