• the first 1-2 months right after a project goes live is crucial. before that, people felt excited 'bout what you say. now it's time for them to actually try what you deliver.

  • issue happens when the project lies there for years would be treated much differently than when it happens in those first 1-2 months. it's bout the first impression

  • when there are big problems, do not panic. people complains with you, don't just transfer those. add your value :

  1. collect the data <-- so that your boss knows you're at least knowing your project is sux :P

  2. ensure the data is updated. usually users will just complain and forget 'bout it, setup some procedure, involve them (by using their boss name), ask them to properly submit the issues

  3. push the vendor, with the above data. but do not push them so much (well I really need to learn how to hold my temper), it's just lose-lose

and in the mean time, record some clip to sell your project.

well, if I could really do all the above. writing it down is the 1st step erh