I like to tag my notes or my photo with "wandering". And I do like it. It's when you come here, go there, do this, touch that, drink with this guy, tease that girl and just that.

While we were on the way to the airport on this Friday evening, I badly wanted to extend the trip but finally went back with the team. Sometimes, just looking at people coming back makes you want to do so. And there were I, standing at the doorstep of the airport with some beer, looking at the windy city and think 'bout the next 1 hour, it's mixed.

On the way home, I asked my friend if she's still taking risk, she said no and I felt nice

On Saturday, I went to help some friends making their handmade stuffs. It wasn't really help. It was more of "messing" lol

and here we go, Sunday is for selling, but for me, it's not really 'bout selling, it's not really 'bout charity, it's more 'bout these

it's just 'bout the random moments and random people I saw, I met and I talked to along the way. I like it, I like it and I like it.

This is the team

and it's fun to hang out with them. They're young. They're cheerful. They're full of energy. And it makes me so. (btw, some of them are kute and that's the main reason lol)

I also ran into some friends at the park.

One were friend of my ex. He operates KonHeo.com and gave us a couple T-shirt last time (1 got the sh-t and 1 got the cuộn giấy chùi lol, I still love that design so much). He showed off his latest self-made T-shirt slogan : a F-ckr (inspired by Flickr) and then supported our handmade stuffs as well.

One were from Loc Coc (my favorite cafe), I sent her a handmade smiling angel. She needs to keep smiling.

Thanks guys !

Basically, I'm glad for the whole week. I traveled, I came back, I wandered and I had fun. While it's not actually all that positive, this is what I learnt (the hard way) last time:

keep talking positive makes you so.