there're software that we install, we use and either we uninstall it or we just forget it.

there're software that we install, we use and we long for every new version of it.

new version sometimes means new features or bug fix

and for some cases, we just long for the new version because it's the habit. it's just the way that we "support" the software we like. it's like telling the developer that: "hey man, your software rocks".

For me, Foobar2000 falls into the last type, since the highschool time (meaning almost a decade ago).

If you used the computer long enough, you probably heard of WinAMP. It was the first major audio player and it was damn good. Well, until the arrival of Foobar2000.

Many people likes it because it's highly customizable.

I like it because of the damn simple and friendly UI (which simply just works). And I also like it because of the community that supports it.

Foobar2000 recently hits 1.0 milestone (yes, after something like 10 years of development) and this post is just to show my tiny bit of appreciation for it.

It's an oasis of sanity in the desert of madness that is media players. - quote