and how important their work is, they would do it better. That's what I always believe.

Because it works for me.

There were times when I felt so boring doing something, then I asked myself: "if, I need to put what I'm doing and feel boring in my resume', how would I phrase it ?". Of course, I need to make it attractive to the reader. So I step back, ăn miếng bánh và uống miếng nước, then look at it from different perspectives and most of the time, I finally realized that it is not a boring and meaningless work, at all.

For example: drinking isn't really a bad habit, but to increase your endurance (to toxic, lol)

And usually I do it... bốc hơn :D.

These are some short articles that I wrote to communicate the above thoughts to some people I work with. It's not really for IT so if you find it interesting, do treat me some Sài Gòn đỏ beer lol

PS: "Just" in the title is for marketing only, actually it's more than that.