thơ con cóc lol

We got flowers

and it's colourful

just like the way people are together in love

or in work.

Even though all seasons

would eventually come to an end

it's still nice if you could look beyond all these blurry things.

on a side note, RIP J. D. Salinger.

quote (for the nth time already)

"The Catcher in the Rye" is the character in the song that goes through Holdens mind. The catcher stands in a field of rye and catches children just before they fall off the cliff. The catcher rescues them and sends them back to play, he just stands there all day and catches children.

Holden sees himself as having fallen off that cliff - fallen into pre-adulthood, fallen into an understanding of the world that is very different than what he experienced as a child. To Holden, adulthood robbed him of that and he wishes to protect children from falling into the abyss and the realization that people are “phonies”.

Holden wants to be the “Catcher in the Rye” because Holden needed his own catcher - and no one showed up.

tối nay nhà có khách đông, nên xách gối qua Flo ngủ. re-call those college days :D