• Got into an usual pointless argument on VNC forum for the sake of boredom

  • Met some VNC  folks @ Press coffee. Didn't talk much but it reminded me that I haven't talked to VNC-ian for a while

  • Sent Kop an YM message to mention 'bout our video game session last time

  • Hang out with some VNC-ian for dinner. We talked and gossip-ed (as usual) 'bout VNC, mostly relationship stuffs lol

  • Karaoke with the gang

  • Thought 'bout our trip in 2008 and asked anh K & ku G to join me for climbing Phanxipan

  • Suddenly think 'bout bak kut teh, minced-meat noodle, fried hokkien mee, 95, 96, 200, A1, A2 :D