I've recently thought 'bout this but couldn't really express until I read this

"(going to) 20 countries means your sense of belonging might lost or twisted somehow".

It seems true and applicable for not just "travel too much". My friend asked why she couldn't feel happy while she got to study in a good uni, got to travel to 20 countries, got to work for some big corp.

Then another friend said that she was surprised because she thought the 1st one should be happy already

That lead me to this : you may confused between what people think are happy and what truly make you happy. Hence you like what people like, not what u like

Another point, the more you see, the higher expectation u have and the more gap u see

And people should just like what we have, or f-cking try to have what we like ?

This is the problem of too much self-awareness. You just question too much

Keep it simple. Just f-cking live. Life is beautiful enough if we care enough to look around

And if you know what to look for (damn sometimes I just don't :D )