some projects I saw on Kickstarter

A year ago, Hannah Miet began writing poems to strangers on the internet, setting a timer for five minutes and letting the thoughts pour out, unfiltered. Now she's self-publishing the collection, which you can get for just $15. Don't miss her pitch video, a seductive marriage of words and visuals.

A team of Academy-Award-nominated filmmakers traveled to 14 countries around the world to uncover the mysteries and complexities of our most coveted emotion. "Happy," their nonprofit documentary, offers a look into this positive journey. Screenings, digital downloads, DVDs, and posters abound.

Flood Tide is a film about four friends who build a boat from discarded trash and set sail down a river. Cobbled together from actual footage and the real life experiences of a group of performing artists, it's a great film making its premiere in Brooklyn this summer.

this is mine

of all the most dangerous and addictive things, I simply hate routines and the feeling of security