it's just a regular Sunday noon

there is this "Shall we dance" song

there is the Saigon heat

once-every-5-mintues, the wind

and there is me, sitting at Lumineux, with a rum coffee

I once told a friend that "those who like to browse FB are those who feel very lonely". "you know, I'm just so lonely", she replied, and her facial expression was the only thing I remember

same for now

screenshot from some video game

"once they grow, you're not their only world anymore, why not utilize it when you can ?" my friend explained why she likes to become a housewife after marriage

just shared my blog with mom

it's 11:33 PM

just drank with my friends. a lil bit high rite now.

listened to several stuffs.

some friend paid for his gf's tuition fee

my friends told me that I should settle down

and several other things

I totally love this...

a wandering nite

another friend told me that I should be happy since I feel many things, many feelings

is it a happy thing ?

no... : )