Inception is the best 85k I've ever spent in 2010. And I just love it the way I love Matrix, Almost Famous, The Boat that Rocked or Hangover.

Matrix is also 'bout "are we living in the real life, or not"

Almost Famous is 'bout "what's beyond our regular, boring and repetitive life ?"

The Boat that Rocked/Hangover is 'bout "can we just f-cking do what we like ?"

The f-cking thing is that I got to know many people that have more reasons to smile and also less reasons to smile than me. It leads to the next f-cking thing: gradually, for me, the only thing worth showing on FB is optimistic.

In the mean time, let's just watch these kinds of "lừa-tình" film, shall we ?

and get things off-FB with friends : )

once you crossed the line, you will miss the fun stuffs out there. sometimes, I just want to Ctrl-Z this bungee-jumping kind of thing