There was this girl - smoking - looked very cool

There was this f-cking guy - told me he was some rocker - and just f-cking swinging crazily with the muzik, in front of me.

"F-ck u" he told me. (yes, not the other way ard)

"whats up ?"

"Who r u ?" he asked

I just smiled

"I'm a rocker" he told me

"yes I know"

"first time we met each other ?"

"I guess"

then continue swinging (like crazy)

"cheers man" he raised his glass

"no more" I pointed to my empty bottle

Then he continued swinging, like hell

Before went out, I looked at his glass, smell like lemonade. And I thought it was wine or something.

True passion doesn't seem to require stimulation, huh ?

The girl - then ran to the restroom - to poke

Passion isn't always practical