there was this feeling,

when you really want to tell ppl that you care, and yet, you feel like you bother them so much

when you saw something nice, you think they might like it. when you watch something that might hurt them, you just feel so bad

when you saw that they look slim, and you just want to hold them tight

when you just try to tease them, even by the most non-sense jokes just to make them smile. then feel like you shouldn't that

when you are over the age when these kinds of moody feeling will haunt you all day, but you still somehow feel the pain, tiny pain, slowly and calmly

when you feel sux, and glad at the same time

when you don't really want to look at any other girls out there in the street, you just want to see that girl - the slim one. when you just want to tell her that she got such a beautiful hair, even when she told you that she got the worst hair-style in the world. (yes, typical girl thing)

when you remember the 1st time you saw her sitting on some motorbike in Saigon, looked very funny

when you know that there are competitors, and you just don't care

when you know that you two might not be for each other, you still want to try it. and you want to bet-your-heart-and-be-let-down-then-hurt rather than just like-her-knowing-that-it-might-not-work-out-so-that-you-don't-feel-hurt-later

: )

then you like her, very much

I do